What Can I Do With A Major In….?

According to the Villanova School of Business 98% of VSB students were employed or enrolled in graduate school three months after graduation and the average salary for a Villanova grad is  $54,364. Not too shabby; however, do not think it won’t take hard work and dedication to become one of these statistics. To ensure that you are fortunate enough to land a job, start planning now! The Clay Center  provides undergraduates with a complete program services center to call their own. The center offers students exemplary academic resources that enable them to be active members of the VSB student body, to explore and develop educational and career goals, and to successfully apply their unique talents and knowledge to become socially responsible members of the global business community. Take full advantage of the opportunities offered! (http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/business/undergraduate/careerdevelopmentresources.html) .One such resource is a series of information fairs called “The Choice: What Can I do with a Major in…?” where they gave specifics about the majors that the school offers

The information I gathered was mainly about Economics and Real Estate, as those are two fields I was potentially interested in minoring in. There were 3 offered overall:

  • Accounting. Management Information Systems
  • Marketing. Management. International Business
  • Finance. Real Estate. Economics

All of the dates for the fairs have  sadly passed, but  next year I would highly recommend all business students (yes, even you freshman) to attend at least one of them.VSB

A table was set up in the Clay Center with informational papers about different fields that one can go into based on the degree that they obtain as well as what companies have hired Villanova students with those majors in the past. In addition to the information sheets, there were also featured professors from those major departments. The professors were there to discuss their experiences and opportunities in their respective fields as well as to provide information about the required courses that come with the major.

I first learned about Economics from the information sheet, and then briefly spoke to an Economics teacher. Since I know Economics is a very important part of business, I thought that this might be a beneficial minor program for me. However, after learning that the career paths for people with this degree are mostly related to research and law, I no longer think that this would be the most optimal program for me to enroll in.

I had also desired to explore a potential interest in Real Estate. Though there was not a Real Estate professor in the Clay Center at the time, I feel like the information sheet was informative enough to see the wide range of opportunities in this field. In contrast to Economics, I have retained my interest in Real Estate as there are opportunities such as development, property management, and appraisal and consulting that pique my interest and align with my intended majors of International Business and Marketing.

After attending this event, I feel like I am more secure in what I want to study at Villanova based on my goals for the future. I think that I am better informed about what these two majors require during college and what they could provide me in my future career. In my opinion these “The Choice” events should be mandatory for all VSB freshmen because I think many incoming are like me, in that I knew I wanted to study business, but was not quite sure which path would lead me to what I had envisioned for my future. Though I initially attended sessions for these two, I thought that they were so helpful that I also attended “The Choice” for Marketing, Management, and International Business. I strongly encourage other students to attend not only these forums, but other events for Career Exploration and Professional Skill Building. You won’t regret it! Please post your comments and don’t forget to read my next blog about how to fully utilize LinkedIn (if you do not yet have an account, sign up immediately. Trust me). https://www.linkedin.com/


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